About Us

ConcealFab Corporation has spent the last several years developing some of the most innovative RF and Cellular Infrastructure Solutions in anticipation of the oDAS and Small Cell deployment explosion. The theme of our oDAS and Small Cell Solution portfolio is “End-to-End Value Creation”, where we have a rich set of products and tools to assist our customers with their pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment challenges. Given the sheer volume of additional antennas needed across the country, speed of deployment is tantamount and that is exactly what our solution portfolio is designed to address.

ConcealFab’s pre-deployment solutions include our in-house, professional-grade photo simulation capability where our team can virtually manipulate or replace existing infrastructure with a ConcealFab® solution in sufficient detail to satisfy the most skeptical decision makers. If time is not a luxury, we have also developed an augmented reality app that comes pre-loaded with a multitude of ConcealFab® infrastructure solutions allowing ‘site walkers’ to instantaneously drop in an image at the on-site deployment area, accept or discard the solution, and finally take a full-image photo of the deployment in real time to submit for jurisdictional approval.

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