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ConcealFab Corporation was founded in 2007 to provide commercial wireless carriers with radio frequency (RF) transparent shelters and enclosures to protect and conceal sensitive communication equipment from public detection. Our headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have prototyped, manufactured, and delivered hundreds of rooftop and ground based antenna concealment solutions to both commercial and government customers. 

ConcealFab® RF-transparent technology is made from proprietary polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials and profile extrusions, fabricated into architectural shapes that Hide in Plain Sight®. End-user costs and production lead times are significantly lower than existing RF enclosure options and the Company’s innovative modular designs simplify field installation.

One of our newest products - Small Cell Wireless Solutions - has launched ConcealFab® as the leader in an emerging industry. ConcealFab Corporation's® DAS & Small Cell wireless solutions are ideal for fiber infrastructure build-outs, upgrades and retrofit projects.  Our standardized platform integrates with any antenna and radio configuration, effortlessly blends into urban/suburban environments, and withstands harsh weather conditions.   

The full family of ConcealFab® solutions includes RF-transparent rooftop screenwalls and enclosures, quick-deploy maintenance shelters, antenna barns, mobile containers for tactical deception, DAS and small cell wireless solutions, antenna integrated poles, and backlobe suppression units. We offer Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), modified COTS, and customized solutions that can be easily modified to your site specific component requirements.

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